We Wash Dogs, too!

Well, technically, we don’t wash them but you can. We now have an enclosed self-serve dog wash located on the east side of our complex. Our dog wash is a self-contained system that includes warm water, shampoo, flea shampoo, cream rinse, and a high and low blow dry. The wash costs $10 to start and bills and quarters can be added for additional time if needed. For those of you who are weary of dog hair in your tub and drain, this could be your solution.

Our dog has had her share of baths lately, as we have tested the system on her. She loves the blow dry the best! Here are a few hints:

  • It is more time efficient to have 2 people. One can do the washing and the other can assist with the wash selections and scrubbing.
  • Bring your own towels to aid in the drying process.
  • Please be courteous to others by rinsing and disinfecting afterwards.

Come and check it out!

What’s that white residue on my car?

That white stuff is basically salt, whether it is calcium chloride or the more popular magnesium chloride. The application of these chemicals on our roads is certainly needed here in Colorado. However, they are extremely corrosive to your vehicle’s paint, metal, and undercarriage. It is important to clean off that residue as soon as possible. Our top automatic wash includes a polymer protectant that acts like a shield against magnesium chloride and UV rays. We suggest that you protect your car with this wash, the Ultimate Plus, at least once a month and more often if weather warrants. This wash also includes the protectant in the undercarriage wash.

New Site Up!

Our new site is alive and kicking! We’ll be making frequent updates on blogs and specials for our wonderful Greeley customers and thank you all for joining us here, at