Evans Car Wash (37th Street Location)

For Evans residents or those who live on the south side of Greeley, The Wash features a second location in Evans at 3425 37th Street. Fortunately for those who frequent that location, the “37th” facility has all the wonderful amenities of Market Square. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and like Market Square, it has:

  • Modern, high-quality car wash equipment
  • 1 Automatic Touchless Bay
  • 4 Self Serve Bays
  • 6 Vacuums (1 with Shampoo, 1 with fragrance)
  • Additional parking areas to dry and detail your vehicle
  • A well-lit, well-maintained facility
  • The highest quality soaps and car care products
  • A towel wringer and sink on location
  • Staff on site 6-7 hours a day

The advantage with the 37th location is its RV accessibility and large drive up area that accomodates trailers with 1 bay that is 42’L x 10’ W x 10’ T and 3 other bays that measure 25’ L x 12’ W x 14’ T, we welcome vehicles of all sizes.

Pay with cash or credit/debit, and make change at the machine near the office door. The beauty of The Wash is that both locations don’t skimp on quality.

The Wash on 37th

3425 37th Street
Evans, CO 80620
(970) 330-4005