karcher opti 8000 why its the best for car washes

Karcher is the primary standard of advanced car washes around the globe. It represents the peak of car wash design and engineering. It is created to clean cars and turn them into highly shiny steel, like sparkling diamonds. This is the best for car washes because it is guaranteed to offer the best touch-free car cleaning as compared to any other hands-free car wash systems available on the market. Its technology allows the equipment to get much close to the car surface. More warm and pressured water equates to better cleaning and more satisfied customers. This comes from the fact that warmer water heightens the soap capacity to clean better.

Karcher Opti-8000 was first introduced in the United States in 2004. It is smartly formulated with safety functions that allow it to shape precisely to the car it is washing. What makes it different from its counterparts is it uses high-pressure spray nozzles instead of corrosive brushes that can create scratches to the exterior of vehicles. This type of car wash system must be adopted by car washes because it uses soap injection methods which add to the efficiency of its cleaning service. This is considered a great investment because it is the only car wash system that satisfied the European demands for vehicle cleaning and finish.

Aside from operation efficiency and potential increase of customer satisfaction, this specific car wash system is built with optimized motors to minimize power consumption and increase profits with ideal car wash outcomes. This means that this system can bring competitive advantage to the car wash business. Computers were adapted to measure optical drive clearances to prevent damage to cars. In addition, this system speeds up the car wash time, making an average of 12 cars washed every hour. Unlike conventional car washes, this new system uses a high-pressure wash, which is both efficient and gentle to the car. The brushes used are controlled by the software which prevents your car from getting damaged. More importantly, this comes with a flexible control system which may fit any season.

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