Self Serve Wash Services

Not everyone wants to run their car through a machine to get it clean. Some people like to take their time and do it themselves. The problem with washing your vehicle at your house is ice in the winter and soaps run off to streets and eventually to the river causing pollution. At The Wash our waste water gets treated before being released back to the environment.

At The Wash, we even make it easier for do-it-yourselfers. We offer well-lit, well-maintained bays to wash your car, boat, RV, and trailer. Bring every one of your vehicles. We can accommodate them. All of our Self Serve Car Wash stations contain:

  • Pre-soak soap – low-pressure, highly concentrated soap for tough dirt and road grime
  • A low-pressure tire cleaner
  • A low-pressure engine cleaner
  • Foam brushes for cleaning tough dirt, bugs, and road grime
  • High-pressure soap with hot water
  • A high-pressure rinse
  • A low-pressure bug remover in summer months
  • A low-pressure magnesium chloride remover in winter months
  • Foam Conditioner for shine and paint conditioning
  • high-pressure clear coat protectant and wax for UV light protection and shine
  • A spot free rinse for water that dries totally spot free

24-7 Car Wash Access

These self-service bays are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Come to The Wash, and keep your driveway and garage as clean as your car.