Touchless Car Wash Services

When you want a great car wash without all the effort, come by The Wash for our Hi Tech Touch Free Automatic drive-through wash. Don’t let your car get damaged by a substandard or outdated car wash. This is a premium drive-through wash that will give your vehicle a serious clean.

This state of the art service includes:

  • A double presoak soap system with hot water for dirt and grime removal and window/chrome cleaning
  • High-pressure wheel/lower panel blasters to remove dirt and road grime
  • A high-pressure rinse
  • A spot free rinse for drying without water spots
  • Market Square features two contouring wash and dry automatics
  • Also, you can enhance each wash with these options:
    • An undercarriage wash which removes tough dirt and magnesium chloride from the underside of your vehicle.
    • Dryers

One thing the Touchless Car Wash doesn’t include is any brushes that can damage your car’s delicate finish. We make it safe to get a fantastically clean car.