Greeley Car Wash

Good, Clean, Fun

Don’t You Just Love a Clean Car?

Did you know washing your car on a regular basis not only keeps your car looking great, but it also protects your paint’s finish?

Even people who know this fact don’t always keep their car on a regular wash schedule. Some say it’s not convenient or they don’t trust most drive through car washes. If these are your excuses, The Wash wants to eliminate the hassle and worry. With two convenient car washes in Greeley, CO, The Wash provides unparalleled service if you’re looking for a well-lit, well-maintained facility to enjoy your car washing experience.

Our Goal: A Clean Car… Every Time

Because we want you to come back again and again, we make it as convenient as possible for you. From Prepaid Wash Cards and a Dog Washing Station to being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our two Greeley-area locations cater to anyone looking to keep their car clean the easy way.

We also use the highest quality soaps and car care products along with modern, well-maintained equipment. At The Wash, you can really pamper your car.

Come visit us at our “Market Square” location in Greeley and our “37th” location in Evans. You’ll love how your car will look.