Are Touchless Car Washes Safe For Your Car’s Paint?


There’s no denying the convenience of an automatic car wash, but as with any product of convenience, it is important to know that the outcome is worth saving the hassle. A vehicle is a big investment. It’s one that you work hard to preserve and maintain which makes it important to be reassured that nothing will harm or damage it, even something as simple as a car wash.

So are touchless carwashes safe for your car? Touchless car washes are designed to give your car the superior clean you desire through the use of water pressure and specialized soap systems. Touchless car washes differ from the typical automatic drive-thru car washes as they do not use the brushes that are more likely to damage the exterior or paint of your vehicle. A touchless car wash makes it safe to get a fantastically clean car.

Are Touchless Car Washes Safe For Paint?

A touchless car wash combines technology together with high-pressure water and specialized detergents to clean your car. Nothing else will touch your vehicle’s paint coating. As such, the paint on the car will remain as it is, without any scratches, peeling, or damage.

In contrast, many common ‘touch’ based automatic car washing services will use abrasive brushes to clean the exterior of the car. These brushes can be rough enough to leave scratches or even scratch off paint. Your car’s wax coating can also be affected by the harsh mechanical scrubbing.

Likewise, attendants at a full-service car wash might also use rough brushes in provided manual service. Additionally, they may not use fresh, clean cloths while handling your car. If attendants were to use the same contaminated rags that were already used for numerous other vehicles, it increases the possibility of damage to your car’s paint. The amount of chemicals used could also be calculated wrong. If chemicals are in high proportion, paint coating on a car can begin to peel off. In contrast, a touchless system works automatically, ensuring that only the right amount of chemicals is employed.

Will A Touchless Car Wash Damage Car Exterior?

In addition to making sure that the paint on your car is not scratched off, touchless car washes are a better alternative for ensuring that there are no damages to other parts of the vehicle during the cleaning process. A touchless car wash does not use equipment that will come into direct contact with your car’s exterior. In contrast, ‘touch’ car washes use brushes that are in contact with the car’s surface for a certain period of time making the chances of damages higher.

For example, in a common automated car wash, if the vehicle in front of you had sand attached on the exterior, cleaning brushes could pick up those particles and then run those particles over your vehicle’s windshield and exterior, scratching the surface and leaving marks. Such an occurrence is totally absent in a touchless car wash. Specialized technology guarantees optimal water pressure designed to clean your vehicle without causing any cosmetic damage to the exterior.

Are Touchless Car Washes Safe For All Vehicles?

Touchless car washes are safe for all vehicles, including convertibles. Touchless car washes are specifically designed to be safe for any car or convertible that may pass through it, even though they use high-pressured water. Water is directed at the body of the car with pressure aimed at the sides of the vehicle and the highest-pressure aimed at the wheels. The top generally receives a lower pressured stream of water. For convertible owners, it is important to ensure that the top is in good condition and does not have any loose fabric, trim, or pre-existing damage.

Greeley Touchless Car Wash

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