Autumn Car Care: Steps to Taking Care of Your Car This Fall

With the coming of fall, there are all kinds of things to do to get ready not just for cooler autumn temperatures but also for the winter that is sure to follow. While you’re preparing the lawn and doing some work on the house, don’t forget to give your car the attention it needs this fall. Here are some autumn car care steps you can take to begin preparing your car for the months ahead.

Give your car a thorough cleaning.

Fall is an excellent time to clean your car after a busy summer and a bumper that has likely embraced a number of bugs. When cleaning bugs off your car, you can focus mostly on your grill, bumper, windshield, and mirrors, which is where they tend to end up.

Another great step to take for autumn car care is to clean out the car. Start by removing anything that has piled up in the car that is not needed: swim supplies, trash, spare shoes, stray socks, etc. Vacuum throughout the car: under the seats, the seats themselves, etc. Remove any stains that have appeared over the summer and wipe away the dust that has collected on hard surfaces. Remove dust as much as you can from the vents.

Prepare your car interior to face the weather ahead.

Between leaves, mud, snow, and salt, there’s plenty of things you don’t want ruining your carpet in your car. Prepare for months to come by purchasing durable rubber mats to cover your carpets and catch everything that is tracked in. These are easy to clean and will save you lots of hassle.


Protect your car’s paint.

Throughout the fall, your car will likely encounter elements like mud, tar, leaves, and bird droppings that could cause damage to your paint. Winter then brings its own damaging elements when roads are treated with salt or sand. That’s why fall is an excellent time to protect your paint with a good wax job or a durable paint sealant. Then when your car is touched by these elements, your paint will better remain unharmed.

Check your cabin air filter.

Do you have musty or dusty smelling air coming from your vents when you turn on the AC? This most likely won’t get better when you need to start running your heater. Check your cabin air filter and replace it if necessary.

Replace your windshield wipers.

You don’t want to be caught in a rain or snow storm with wipers that no longer make direct contact with your window, squeak dramatically, and only end up smearing your window instead of improving visibility. Unless you have just recently replaced them, it’s a good idea to change them in the fall to prepare for winter.

Shine up your headlights.

If your lights have become hazy and dull, now is a good time to get them buffed and shined so that you’ll be prepared and have better chances for greater visibility in autumn fog, rain, and winter snow. You can also do this yourself and restore your headlights at home!


Fill up on windshield washer fluid.

One of the things you’ll want to do in the fall is to replenish your wiper fluids. Because of the colder temperatures that will be sure to arrive in the months to come, choose a washer fluid that has de-icing qualities so that it will not freeze.