Automatic car washes are still as popular as ever because they save you trouble and time. But the question is, can a car wash scratch my vehicle? In most cases, car washes are the safest procedure for most vehicle owners who like to keep their vehicles clean. It is also a lot safer than washing your vehicle on your own because the technology at car washes tends to be better than what you can get at home or elsewhere. When considering an automatic car wash, be mindful of the following:

  • Make sure it’s touchless

Other old car washes utilize abrasive brushes which can create tiny scratches into your vehicle’s exterior finish. For older vehicles, light scratches can simply be rubbed out because they have undergone single stage paint works. Nowadays, modern vehicles utilize a base system which uses a thin clear layer coat above the first color coat to offer shine. In the event that this clear coat is damaged, the underlying color coat will get chipped which seemingly results in vehicle scratches.

  • Be mindful of the rags used after a wash

After a vehicle has undergone a thorough wash, excess water is removed by spraying a powerful stream of heated air onto the vehicle. As the vehicle is driven away from the wash area, attendants will be wiping it down to dry it or there may be blowers that do the majority of the drying. On busy days where several vehicles have gone ahead of you, the rags accumulate more dirt and other abrasives that can scratch the vehicle. This can also leaving swirl marks in the lacquer of your vehicle ruining the vehicle’s sheen and appearance.

  • Strong chemicals and hard brushes

Although not as common anymore, these are sometimes used to detach the dirt from the vehicle’s exterior. These are usually strong acids that can remove any protective coating sealed on your vehicle. If the chemicals cannot loosen or dislodge the dirt, a rotating brush is sometimes used to disturb the surface and loosen hard-to-remove dirt. Because the rotating brush can be dirty, is usually hard, and moves at a fast speed, this combination can be a cosmetic disaster for your vehicle’s exterior.

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